Wednesday, September 21, 2011

White Pumpkin Bling

Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1608
A big ol’ howdy from Alabama! Yes…we’re back in the States! After 5 Cities, with 4 People and 3 Countries in 2 Days, we arrived back home and reunited with my eldest daughter, Alexandra (who flew back early after her Italian opera/language adventure to start college classes).
As amazingly beautiful as Italy was/is, we missed home! It was a blessing to spend the better part of a year in Europe, but it is equally a blessing to set foot back in the United States.
And after several days of jet lag and endless mountains of laundry, dusting, unpacking, homeschool prep, cleaning in general and sorting things in the garage for our huge garage sale this weekend, I decided to take a break and tablescape today with all of my old things I’d missed!
The only new things today are the two white blingified pumpkins I got on sale when I went to get the others for our front porch! I LOVE THEM!!!
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1573
As always, I am super psyched to share this with my friends at Susan’s wonderful Tablescape Thursday, My Romantic Home, French Country Cottage & Savvy Southern Style.
I will also be joining Rhoda’s (if she’s still having it—this week may have been her last one) Thrifty Treasures.
And speaking of the amazing Rhoda…SHE’S COMING TO MY HOUSE NEXT SATURDAY!!!
YUP! She’s my “surprise guest” I mentioned last week!
Seriously, folks! I love this woman. Southern Hospitality is one of the biggest reasons I got into blogging. I love the blog and I love Rhoda! She is far too young/gorgeous to be my “real” mother, but she is one of my “bloggie mothers.”
And she’s coming to visit on October 1st. That Saturday we’re holding a “Say Hello to the Austins/Say Goodbye to Tom” Party (before he deploys on October 10th for a year to Afghanistan—that’s the reason we’re home early from Italy since they moved his date up!) AND have Rhoda share her fantastic Biltmore products.
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1579
Bonnie and Emily (two of my great Alabama blog friends), ya’ll are definitely welcome to come meet Rhoda….and so is everyone else who can make it to Huntsville!
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1588
The blog world has been an endless source of aesthetic inspiration for me, but most importantly, I’ve been able to meet the most fantastic people….Susan and all of ya’ll at TT are heroes to me….along with Rhoda and Edie and Kate and Amy…just fabulous people and new friends everywhere I turn in blogland!
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1593
But back to my humble little tablescape! Boy…it’s been something trying to acclimate to being back home! I still can’t find everything…including my beloved camera. So, I had to borrow my daughter’s little pocket camera for these photos and of course it was overcast and…
I know ya’ll have come to expect better photos of me and I promise new photos as soon as I’ve found my camera/have better light…but I wanted to go ahead and post SOMETHING! :)
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1594
Ya’ll know I’m a HUGE lover of color and will of course be incorporating oodles and oodles of autumnal shades in the future, but I’m also loving the crispness of the all-white motif this week.
I’m going to try to change out just a few items next week, still utilizing the core white plates, to experiment and to share just how easy it is to create a lovely table with very few plates/paraphernalia.
I like a challenge!
So, next week will be more white with only one additional color and then…BAM!!!
ROY. G. BIV delight!
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1595
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1596
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1597
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1599
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1600
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1603
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1604
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1606
And of course this post is full of an immense number of thrifty treasures, from my soup tureen found at my church thrift store to the gorgeous napkins with delicate scroll embellishment that I found in Belgium
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1582
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1613
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1622
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1628
The soup tureen and napkins are so very elegant. This entire table is full of curvy and swoopy delights. The Belgian napkins are for sale on my ETSY site, but I thought I’d “borrow” them so ya’ll could see them in action!
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1631
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1649
And in the background you can see the antique column I bought for a song on EBAY. I am in love with its rustic lux chippy white paint grandeur from another era! It’s been sitting in my garage for well over a year and one of the first things we did when cleaning it out for the sale was to move it inside.
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1650
And ya’ll know that I made some other pragmatic purchases: the little votive holders I found for 10 cents a piece at a yard sale. Myriad other white dishes were on clearance/sale at Marshall’s/TJ Maxx. My gorgeous white chargers I purchased on Amazon. The dinner plates are from Horchow, but they were the least expensive ones on that site and they are WORKHORSES for me as we use them for weeknight dinners as well as for tablescapes/holidays.
Alex photos & Bling White Pumpkin Tablescape 1652
And ya’ll…I have a GAZILLION more photos to share with you from Italy/France/Belgium.
So, the adventure will continue.
I’m also hoping to go back to Europe once this year while Tom is gone and then when he returns we’re praying about going back to live there, perhaps in Belgium.
Our peripatetic life will probably continue!
I can’t wait to visit everyone tomorrow and see all the creativity!!!
Love/hugs/blessings & White Pumpkin Bling Joy,
Lana In America


once in a blue moon said...

welcom back, glad to see you up and playing~

Bonnie said...

WELCOME HOME. Can't believe you are already posting! How special for Rhoda to visit. Thanks for inviting me to meet her. That would be a treat. I don't think I can come that weekend but it would be so nice. Hope to come sometime later in October. Will contact you. Thinking of your family with Tom's deployment. Remember I am a prayer warrior.
Hope you are having a wonderful day. Bonnie

Babs said...

Welcome home and what a nice surprise to see you back. Your tablescape is so pretty with the blingin' pumpkin. :) Looking forward to your autumn scapes. Happy Fall.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Welcome home. I was thinking of you yesterday and almost emailed you. I decided you were too busy and I'd just wait until you blogged. I don't know how you get it all done.

Jane said...

Such a beautiful tablescape! I love the white pumpkin bling. Those napkins are amazing, too. I have the same crystal goblets.

Happy fall!

Jane at
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Lizabeth said...

Well a big welcome back home! You did a marvelous job and those pumpkins are really unique! It sounds exhausting all you've done already. You are a dynamo!

Janie's World said...

Welcome home!!! No matter where you go, there is no place like home.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Sounds like you have a whole bunch of excitement in your life right now!
Your table is exquisite!Classy, dreamy, and elegant! I love the white with a little sparkle and bling! This is a table I would love to be a guest at!
Beautifully done!

Designs By Pinky said...

Wow, what an exciting life you are living right now! I am tired reading about it! I love all the white. I actually saw pumpkins like yours (except they were orange) with the same bling!!!! I loved them! Love the white ones better! Have a great week. XO, Pinky

Jo's This and That said...

Love the plates! Thanks for sharing JoAnn

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

That's about the fanciest pumpkin I've ever seen! Soooo pretty!! Beautiful tablescape!

I see you are in Huntsville - that's my home town! I've been in FL for 45 years, but that's still home to me!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

What a pretty table! I love the blingy pumpkins, and I especially love your stemware! Just gorgeous.

How fun that you're going to get to meet Rhoda. I love her, too, and I've hoped she would get back down to Florida some day so we can meet her in person. When you see her, give her a hug for me, okay? Save one for you, too.

Happy Tablescape Thursday to you...



Jenny said...

Beautiful -- this looks great!


Alycia Nichols said...

Welcome back, Lana!!! So glad you guys made it back safe & sound!!! You are one amazing woman to be able to get all that unpacking done, get reacclimated to this time zone, start getting things ready for the garage sale AND putting together such a pretty table! I love the all white with you sexy new pumpkins and that gorgeous tureen!!! I would think that Italy is a very colorful place for the most part and that a crisp, clean table like this one would be welcome! Not that color isn't just may need a little break! :-) I'm so, so glad you're back and seem to be adjusting well. I'll be thinking about you and your family as Tom prepares for deployment. Enjoy your time together, and have a glorious weekend!

Marlis said...

Welcome home! I wish I were going to be in Huntsville, I would pop in for sure! Your glitz crusted pumpkins are so them! The chosen white dishes and charger are a beautiful display of pattern and texture! Gaw-juss tureen too. Pretty crystal. so nice to see you home again. Prayers for Tom.. hugs for you.. xo marlis

Marigene said...

Welcome home, Lana! Your table is not only elegant, but beautiful!

Honey at 2805 said...

What a beautiful table setting! And the pumpkins with bling are so cute!

I would be delighted for you to link up to Potpourri Friday & a Giveaway (in progress)!

Kathy said...

Welcome back! It is lovely to travel, but always marvelous to return home! Your tablescape looks fantastic - I am sure your friends will truly enjoy it. Hope you have a marvelous weekend,

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Love the pumpkin--it drew me right into this post-thanks for sharing!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Good to know you are safely back in the USA after your Italian adventure. I hope the “Say Hello to the Austins/Say Goodbye to Tom” Party goes well and that you will be reporting back to us all that are unable to be there in person. :)

Andrea (Softer Side of Me) said...

I'm a little late to say that I am glad you are back in the states safe. I am sure you had an amazing adventure in the European countries and fell in love with them as I have.
Your table is gorgeous and love the bling on the pumpkins!
Thoughts and prayers are going out to your hubby, Tom. Welcome Home!!